So much to do, so little time!

Figured out my problem with my google forms with my coworkers help! Turned out that the git command I was using wasn't pushing my new files to the github repo. Other things I have been up to - I made a Kung Pao Pork recipe that turned out pretty good last week. I also went to Amazon's Power to Fly event the other day. One of my friends won one of the raffle prizes. Lots of studying to catch up on. An Instant Pot soup recipe to try. Phew!

Google Forms!

I learned today that it is really easy to create a google form! I tested it out by adding it to my new site, but it did not look like it belonged on the home page. I created a page for it, and tried to add the link on my index page and that failed. I am wondering if its because I'm using github pages. Will work on it more tomorrow, when the brain is fresh.

Seattle Girl Geek Dinner #54

I had a blast at Seattle Girl Geek Dinner #54, hosted by Twitter. I met some new people, listened to a great talk, and even answered a few trivia questions correctly!

Resource guide for women in tech events.

I've been meaning to put out a resource guide for women in tech events for at least three years. Even though my wireframes aren't ready and the list isn't filled out, I've finally gone and published a straight HTML page. Everyone always asks me how I know about all these events. Through searching on Eventbrite, Facebook, and Sometimes through networking. The information is out there. Instead of trying to remember off the top of my head what's coming up, you can now have this link to to to. If I am missing anything, please let me know.

Created a quick site on github and pointed it to a custom google domain!!

Well that was more frustrating than I expected. My problem was caused by ME. ROFL. I knew a little github, but I haven't used it in a long time. I forgot to activate Github Pages. Also, I didn't know how to point it towards my custom Google Domain that I just bought though. There were a couple of different sets of directions to use. This combination is the best set to use. This is the link for github pages instructions. This is the link to point your github pages to your custom google domain. Here is my site: It lists local seattle and national women in tech events. Good luck!

Geeking at home.

I learned about Agile around 10 years ago. I play around with variations of it at home when I'm busy, stressed out, and need to prioritize a to do list. I like to use a Kanban board at home. Here's a photo of my board that lives on my closet.

So I almost burned the house down the other day.

I decided to try a new recipe out from the Smitten Kitchen site - Dijon and Cognac Beef Stew. It is one of my favorite sites to get recipes from. Plus Deb Perelman was recently in Seattle promoting her new book at Third Place Bookstore and I felt the need to make one of her recipes. What could go wrong? I haven't caused any major damage in the kitchen in years. *Cough* Little did I know. The recipe called for the browning of the beef which I had finished up. Then to deglaze the pan with half a cup of cognac. I didn't have cognac, so I used brandy. Same difference. The problem came about when I went to add it and I tripped over my beagle. My girl Byron likes to hang out right next to the stove, hoping that whomever is cooking will drop something tasty. I trip over my beagle and basically end up tossing half a cup of brandy on the gas stove top and some of it into the pot. Can you say.... FIRE?!!! During the extremely tall flames and shock, the following tho